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If you have been looking for a blog that covers what it takes to own, buy, or sell a boat then you are going to love the Boattential blog where we will bring out your boats true “Boat”-Tential!


Boats Are A Hobby, Boat Ownership Is A job

Anyone that knows anything about owning a boat knows that something is always going to be broken and/or just shy of breaking.  This was especially true for us when we had our small South Florida boat dealership because we didn’t just have one boat to repair and sell, we had a handful.  The questions we had never seemed to end but the answers were like pulling teeth.

  •  Ask 3 friends, get 3 different answers
  • Watch YouTube and trust a 3-year-old video from a guy who could be working out of his backyard
  • Take it to the parts/boat dealer and spend 3x what it may actually cost

To be cont…